Young’s Resume Warrants A Second Look

NFL Teams Should Give Young Another Chance To Get It Right

Jeremiah Short, The Current Voice


Vincent Young

Current Contact Info

Resides: Houston, Texas.

Twitter Handle:@VinceYoung


University of Texas from August 2002-January 2006. January 2013-Present.


Starting Quarterback

Tennessee Titans, Nashville, Tennessee. April 2006-July 2011.

  • Helped Titans make playoffs in 2007.
  • Threw for 8,098 yards during Titans’ career.
  • Was a nightmare for defensive coordinators while a member of the team.

Back-Up Quarterback

Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. July 2011-December 2011.

  • Started three games in relief of starter Michael Vick.
  • Threw for 400 yards against the New Engand Patriots.

Back-Up Quarterback

Buffalo Bills, Buffalo, New York. May 2012-August 2012

  • Played in three preseasons games for the Bills.

Football Skills

Very good arm strength, tremendous speed, zone-read proficient, clutch gene


  • 2005 Heisman Trophy Runner-Up
  • Rose Bowl MVP in 2005 and 2006
  • 2006 AP NFL Rookie of the Year
  • Named to Pro Bowl in 2006 and 2009

Should we hire this guy? That’s the question NFL teams will have to answer.


Vince Young, once selected third overall in the 2006 NFL Draft, is trying to convince an NFL team that he deserves a second chance at playing quarterback in the league. The 6’5, 240-pound quarterback has done all the right things to convince them of his renewed commitment to the game of football.

He re-enrolled at the University of Texas. He is cleaning up his off-the-field issues. And he displayed humility participating in Texas’ pro day on Tuesday.

Does he deserve a second chance? Of course.

Young has made well-documented mistakes, and he can only blame himself for his current predicament. But I don’t see how anyone could argue that the talented dual-threat quarterback doesn’t deserve another opportunity at leading an NFL team.

Vince Young, didn’t he quit on the Titans, lose all his money and fight a guy because he dissed the Texas Longhorns.

Jeff Fisher, why can’t you just let… it…GO? Vince has tried to make up for quitting on you all those years ago. I don’t understand why you can’t have more sympathy for a player who saved your job in 2009. You do remember that, don’t you. And he has apologized for the way he acted. If you don’t remember, I’ll remind you.

“I definitely wanted to apologize for the things that I did, letting him know about the frustration, a lot of different things that was going on in my life at the time, and want him to know that I really did appreciate him trying to make me become one of those type of leaders on the team, a successful quarterback,”said Young in a letter to you.

I don’t think he owed you that, but he was trying to make things right.

I know I’m being a little petty, but I’m still upset Bud Adams took him instead Jay Cutler. Have you seen the way that kid can sling the ball?

Sure, I’ve seen how Cutler can sling it. But you forgot how volatile Cutler can be. And the fact many feel he quit on his team in the 2011 playoffs. The same way you feel that Vince did.

Uh…I don’t remember that.

I’m sure you don’t. You want to focus on what Young did wrong, but you don’t want to talk about his 30-18 record as your starter, even though you never wanted him.

I see there’s no convincing you. You got Sam Bradford anyway. I got to convince the rest of the NFL that “VY” is worth a second look.

NFL teams, I share your concerns about Vince’s mental stability(or instability), but I think the little risk is worth the potential high reward.

Young is a winner and has a rare ability to rally a team around him. He was Tim Tebow, before there was a Tim Tebow. Heck, Skip Bayless loves him to. Maybe I’m hurting his case with that line. I know how some of you hate the ESPN First Take commentator. Regardless of who loves him, you should want him.

A few of you come to mind.

Minnesota: Leslie Frazier, you have Adrian Peterson, who you can hand the ball off to thirty times a game. But Christian Ponder isn’t the second coming of Dante Culpepper. Even if Ponder performs well next season, you will need a capable backup. I’m not going to remind you how bad Joe Webb looked in the playoffs last year. You telling me Young wouldn’t be a better option.

Dallas: Jerry Jones, I know you are the real coach of the Cowboys. So, I will talk to you instead of Jason Garrett. You need Vince in Dallas to put pressure on Tony “Can’t-Win-A-Big-Game” Romo. I know you are renegotiating a new contract with Romo/screwing yourself. But you need an insurance policy when Romo inevitably chokes next season.

Houston: Gary Kubiak, I know you have Matt Schaub. But he can’t stay healthy for a whole season. And I don’t anyone is mistaking him for a top-10 quarterback. Who am I kidding? I don’t anyone mistakes Schaub for a top-20 quarterback. For these reasons, I feel you should take a chance on Young. If Schaub falters, which is likely, you could replace him with the “hometown hero,” Young. It’s a win-win situation. You win games and sell tickets at the same time.

NFL teams, you have the final decision on Vince Young. A decision I suggest one of you makes. Just remember I referred Young when he wins a game for you next season.

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One thought on “Young’s Resume Warrants A Second Look

  1. As a person who watched VY here in Nashville, I hope he does well. But his days as even thinking about being a starter are over. And Fisher didn’t have his job saved by VY. He had it taken when the owner decided to get rid of he and VY after VY couldn’t get it together. I believe he has made changes, but we won’t know if he has truly changed until he is put in a pressure situation. They say pressure reveals a lot of things.

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